GLENOGLE BUNGALOW Terms & Conditions

In this document “Glenogle” refers to the Glenogle Bungalow and/or Glenogle Hospitality Management Pvt. Ltd. (Formerly known as NEPA Hospitality Management Pvt. Ltd.)

1. All rates are per night and taxes are extra as applicable and are subject to change without prior notice.
2. Bookings are guaranteed on receipt of the FULL amount.
3. Check-in: 14:00hrs, Check-out: 11:00hrs.
4. Guest cancelation, no refund.
5. Prior reservation is required and is subject to availability.
6. Glenogle will accept bookings on the sole discretion of the management.
7. A maximum of 3 adults will be accommodated per room.
8. Children above 5 years are considered as an adult.
9. 1 extra bed per room will be provided on a chargeable basis.
10. All guests are to provide all details required upon arrival including valid photo ID.
11. Glenogle can cancel bookings at anytime without prior notice with and/or without any refund.
12. Guests will only be allowed the use the entire main bungalow and its forward facing garden.
13. All food and beverages can only be consumed in the dining and living room.
14. All meals will be laid on the dining table home style/self-service.
15. No smoking within the bungalow except for the veranda.
16. Make up of rooms will only take place between 09:00hrs to 12:00hrs each day.
17. Guests are requested to bring their own house help for special needs.
18. We provide 4 beds in the staff accommodation for guest’s staff and will not provide staff meals separately.
19. Any person(s) in violation of the above will be liable to pay Rs. 5,000. – Penalty per violation.
20. Any/all content related to Glenogle is subject to change without prior notice.
21. Any damage caused to any item(s) at Glenogle will be charged to the guest on replacement value.
22. I/We/My entire group hereby declare that I/We/My entire group have decided to stay at Glenogle at our own risk and absolve Glenogle and Glenogle’s staff members, management, directors, promoters and owners from all actions past, present or future arising directly or indirectly, including but not limited to the following:
a. Any accommodation liability that may arise during the guest(s) stay at any time.
b. Any food and beverage liability that may arise during the guest(s) stay at any time.
c. Any force majeure that may arise during the guest(s) stay at any time.
d. Any liability that may arise through any wild life and/or creature that may wander through Glenogle or get lost within our bungalow and/or its premises.
e. Any liability of negligence/mistakes caused at any time.
f. Any liability of damages or claims whatsoever.
g. Any liability of theft or loss of any goods.

All content is the property of Glenogle Hospitality Management Pvt. Ltd. All Rights Reserved.