Our History

Captain George Simpson of Bombay Esquire an Indian Naval Storekeeper was the first owner of Glen Ogle, naming it partially after one of his children, Maria Jane Ogle. Being one of the first bungalows to have been built around the 1840s in the hill station of Mahabaleshwar, then, a frequently used sanatorium & summer retreat for the city of Bombay. The bungalow is situated on a quiet hill neighboring Mount Malcolm, nested in its own forest. The British government primarily built the bungalow for its war veterans, in this case, for Captain Simpson.

Over the years the bungalow was passed on and transferred to family members and associates along with, of course, the remarkable health benefits of the hill station. Around the 1870s Sir Jacob Elias Sassoon Esquire of Bombay acquired the seven and a half acres of land in Mahabaleshwar along with its building, furniture and fixtures for the use of his family as a summer home. The Sassoon Family enjoyed the bungalow in his right for almost 50 years but unfortunately, Sir Jacob passed away in October 1916 and soon after the property along with its building, furniture and fixtures was transferred once again..

To provide a historical perspective between 1897 and 1917 the world lived in interesting times. Einstein proposes his Theory of Relativity, first message to travel around the world, first Nobel prizes awarded and many more..